You Are Not A Failure

No matter what you go through in life or how many hardships you must endure God is still with you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve lost God is still in there with you. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, God is still with you. You are not a failure. Sometimes in life we go through situations to make us stronger or God has something better for us.

No matter what circumstances you are facing right now God said “You are not a failure, try again!!! Don’t never give up, it’s never too late. All you must do is try again. You are not a failure but victory is in your DNA so TRY AGAIN!!!

Yes I know you may be disappointed in yourself but it’s okay. God has something better for you. You may not have received the job you wanted, the promotion you wanted or pass the exams to get your certification but it’s okay. God has greater things in store for you. Your purpose is bigger than that, yes you will receive those things in time. But you must focus on your purpose in life and everything else will fall into place.

Your purpose is bigger than that job, promotion or certification. Yes I repeat you will receive them in due time but that is not your purpose in life. Trust me I know it is hard, you might be struggling financially because you need those things to survive.

Don’t feel discouraged or give up. Your problem is that you’re so focus on trying to survive and not live. God is trying to give you a life with no worries or stress. Stop trying to hold on to things that God is trying to take away from you.

No you are not a failure, you are God’s child and He loves you so much. When Jesus Christ came He took all of our problems with Him so we have nothing to worry about.

Everything on Earth is already here, God simply want us to trust Him to provide for us. We already have access to everything we want or need but you must trust God to provide because when His son Jesus Christ came He died for our sins so won’t have to take on that burden like He died for us. Jesus Christ took away our heartache and pain. He suffered so we won’t have to struggle.

You don’t have to worry anymore, your promotion, your new job, that college degree or your certification that you wanted is already there. You already have it, yes you will get them but your main focus should be on Jesus Christ!