Stop Trying to Hold On

Sometimes in life when we try to figure out our purpose or journey in life, we often turn to education, certification, or a job trade. Stop Trying to Hold on, God has something greater for you. What if God is calling you to something else? Yes, we need a job, we may need our college education to get the job, or we may need to develop certain skills or qualifications for the job. However, have you even thought about Is this is what “God wants me to do?” 

We be so caught up in our own life or circumstances that we end up stuck at this job we may not like, wondering why you’re not happy or struggling financially. God never called you there in the first place. That’s why sometimes you may end up losing that job by getting laid off, getting fired or cutting your work hours. You might see it as a lost but sometimes God will put you in a situation where you have no choice but to leave.

You may be sad or depressed wondering how you are going to pay your bills, but God has already worked out everything. God has something better for you so stop trying to hold on to that dead-end job.

Or you may be in a bad marriage or relationship, remember you can only get yourself out of that situations. I remember when I was in a bad relationship, I would pray to God every night to remove me from that relationship. Then one day it clicked Why was I praying to God to remove me out of a relationship He never called me into. I had the power to leave myself so finally I built up the courage to leave.

Trust me I understand it’s hard to leave but you’re only hurting yourself more by staying. Stop trying to hold on to something that is not meant for you. You deserve better and God has someone better for you. You must love yourself more than that so-called relationship.

You might not be in a bad marriage or relationship you might be trying to hold on to a house or a car that you do not need or have outgrown. You may have lost your home, or your car may have been repo but it’s okay. Sometimes God will forcefully take things from us if we are not willingly to let it go on our own. God has something better for you. It might now seem like it, but God has something greater in store for you.

When we go through hard times in life, we always try to figure out why? Even though you may be sad or wondering what did you do wrong? You did not do anything wrong; God is simply trying to upgrade you. Get ready for your new job, car, home or whatever you want because God is doing upgrade in this season.