Hurt means to cause physical pain or injury to, (of a part of the body) suffer pain, cause mental pain or distress to (a person or their feelings.
I never knew what hurt was until I met him. All I ever known from you is hurt and pain. I kept telling you what I wanted but you kept rejecting me and pushing me further away from you. You said don’t give up on us but it was never a us in the first place. I was always the other woman and I always came last in your life. You never put me first because you never wanted me in the first place. You just didn’t want anyone else to have me. So that’s why you manipulate me, filled me with lies, false hopes and dreams that was never going to come true.

In fact, I gave you my all until I had nothing left inside of me to give you anymore. You said you love me but you never loved me, you wanted to damage me and hurt me because you was damage from a past relationship.

You could have told me that you didn’t love me, you didn’t want me and you had someone all along. The pain that I felt was unbearable, I thought everything was a nightmare but it wasn’t it really did happen. You destroyed my self esteem and my self worth. I had to learn to build my confidence and self esteem all over again.

You’re not suppose to hurt a person you love because love is not suppose to hurt.

I never knew the truth meaning of love because I never experience it. All I know is hurt, heartache and pain from you!!!

So from this day forward I will not allow you to hurt me anymore because you are now dead to me!!!