Suicide Thoughts

Are you having suicide thoughts? You’re frustrated and it seems like everything is going wrong in your life! Your marriage is failing apart, you’re tired of being lied to and cheated on. You have lost your job, your house, your car and your finances are falling apart. Your kids are acting up in school, your family have turned against you. All of your friends have walked away from you and have turned their backs on you. You’re depressed, you’re stressed out about everything, you don’t know where is your next move, you don’t know what to do. You’re trying to figure out things on your own. You’re wondering where did I go wrong, how can I turn this situation around.

You’re tired of struggling and being a single mother, things are getting too hard. Everyone knows your situation but no one is willing to help you. You had a child out of wedlock so you can’t forgive yourselves. People are laughing at you, talking about you behind your backs and calling you everything but your name.

You turned to drugs or alcohol because it seems like you have no other way out. But that didn’t work so you turn to men for attention but it’s the wrong type of man. He is now selling your body in the streets, you are now dancing on strip poles.

Now who do you turned too, there is no other way out so you tried to take your own life away. That failed and it didn’t work because God saved your life at the very last minute.

Woman of God I’m here to tell you, you have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places, you searched to Jesus Christ for answers. God is the only person who can save you. I don’t care what your life looks like or what you have done in your past, God has already forgave you. God has a purpose for your life, so don’t never think about taking your own life again.

This is personal to me because I tired to take my own life. At the end of the year of 2012, I was at the lowest point in my life. I had hit rock bottom, my son’s father had walked out our lives at the beginning of that year.I had just got out of a bad relationship, I lost myself. In fact, I no longer recognize myself anymore, I didn’t even know who I was. My family turned completely against me as I grew closer to God. I had no one to turn to and I didn’t want to live anymore. However, I have passed depression stage. I didn’t go anywhere
anymore, I stop eating and I shut myself off from the outside world completely.

All I can remember is that one night I was driving, I kept having suicide thoughts. Although I didn’t know what I was going to do but I was determine to commit suicide that night. So I kept crying and praying out to God. The next thing I know I heard the Holy Spirit for the first time in my life. I heard the voice of The Lord say “You can’t do that because your son is in the car.”
At that moment I turned the car around and I drove home. When I arrive home I still had those same suicide thoughts in my mind so I took a bath. I cried out to God even harder so I got out the tub, and fell on my knees on the side of my bed.

The next thing I know I felt someone hand touch my shoulder, that’s when I realize everything was going to be okay. I felt so calm and peaceful for the first time in my life, that’s when I realize it was Jesus Christ hand that touched my shoulder! It was a so bright around me and everything felt so new. God told me I had a purpose on my life and everything I went through was to make me stronger. So I said “Yes God I surrender to Your will, I will do whatever you want to do and I will say whatever you want me to say.”

I meant every word I said that night and I never tired to commit suicide again. So woman of God what I’m saying is no matter how hard life gets, you turned to God, remove the spirit of suicide away from your life. God has a purpose for your life, it doesn’t matter what the world says or you say about yourself. You are who God says you are. In Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

No matter what situation you’re in or what you go through in life, God is your only answer. There is no other option for you but God. Please do not commit suicide, you have to read your bible daily and speak the word of God over you lives daily. Listen to inspirational music, find a good church home that is led by the Holy Spirit, surround yourselves around like minded Christians. Also learn to trust God even more through hard times. God will always love you regardless of your past mistakes or failures, He is a forgiving God!