Overcoming Molestation

When people look at you, you wonder do they see the shame or the sadness that’s hidden inside you. When people touch you or become too close to you, you feel fear or anxiety. You’re afraid of people, you’re fearful of everyone because you feel they would hurt you, just like a certain person hurt you when you were a child. Every time you walk out the door, you’re very careful of your surroundings, you observe every detail about about a person, you watch them closely.

Therefore, you keep yourself at a distance from everyone else. You try to hide yourself from the outside world; you make yourself seem unwanted because of the hurt that’s inside of you. In fact, you feel like you’re ugly, you’re worthless, you’re have no value in life and you feel like you do not belong here.
Therefore, you wonder why did that happen to you when you were a child? Why did that man or woman hurt you? Why your parents wouldn’t listen to you or why they didn’t believe you? Now your life is a living hell, you’re afraid of trusting people so you build a wall around you so you would not allow people to get in.

Therefore, I’m here to tell you, it was not your fault, you did not do anything wrong, you were a child. Do not give power to the person that hurt you so forgive yourself and the person that hurt you. You cannot live your life by being angry or mad all the time. I understand it might not be easy to forgive the person that sexual molested you when you were a child because it takes time to heal from something that hurtful. But I promise you it was not your fault, that man or woman was simply sick in the head and pray for that person to be heal by the blood of Jesus Christ.

As you slowly forgive that person, your life will start to become better. You will be able to live again and you will have peace in your heart that you never felt before. Now you will be filled with so much joy, love, tell your story to others so you can prevent it from happening to another child.

In life, we might not understand why certain things happen to certain people and not others but through it all you cannot let it take control of your lives. As a result, you have fight back and take back what’s rightfully yours. Do not never let another person take total control of your life but God.

You are who God created you to be. No longer will you have to walk around being ashamed or embarrassed. When you walk, you walk with your head held high now. You are no longer a victim, you are a survivor so open your mouth, speak with wisdom and force. Now you are walking, talking and being led by the Holy Spirit so no one can harm, hurt or damage you ever again.

From this day forward, you are a new person, you are now the person God created you to be! I decree and declare that everything that tired to destroy you or damage you is now defeated in the Name of Jesus. It can no longer conquer you unless you allow it to, so take your life back and live your life for Jesus Christ.

You are loved and you have the most high God on your side so nothing can stop. God created you to rule nations so go out tell your story to save other children from molestation or sexual abuse and help others to overcome it.