Keep Your Faith

If you have faith over a few things, you will rule over many! No matter what you’re going through in life, you have to keep believing in God. There were many days I cried, words come not even come out my mouth, all I could say was Lord I thank you! Tears will just run down my eyes and I didn’t even know why but I had to trust God. It wasn’t another option for me, because I had no one else left.

God remove everyone out my life, my so called friends, my family turned against me. In fact, the closer I will get to God, the more they hated me. In Luke 21:16:17 “Even your parents, brothers, relatives, and friends will turn against you, and they will kill some of you. All people will hate you because you follow me.” It was just so much going on, I didn’t even understand it but I keep saying God I trust you, let your will be done in my life.

Sometimes it will be so over bearing I will be like why God? His response was “Everything you’re going through Christy is to make you stronger because I have an uncommon purpose for your life. I gave you the faith of Abraham because you are my chosen one and you’re the only one in your family that can handle it. No one is strong like you are, even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you kept your faith.”

Faith moves mountains. You have to have outrageous faith regardless of what you’re going through! Jesus Christ said all you need is faith as small as a mustard seed and you will get anything you ask for, all you have to do is just ask and believe.

No matter how hard it might get, I don’t care if you lost your job, trust God because He has something better for you. I don’t care if you lost your car, home or lost everything you had, trust God even more. God still has something greater for you. You’re going to have trials and tribulations along the way but keep your faith.

God will use a homeless man in street before He will use a rich man because that homeless man is humble and is more willing to go to unfamiliar places to preach the word of God. God will use a person that people will see as a nothing and rise that person up higher and people wouldn’t know, that same man or woman was homeless, depressed, almost killed themselves, abused, and on drugs and alcohol. These people won’t look like what they went through because the Glory of God will shine through them.

Whatever one person won’t do, God will rise up someone else to do it for him. Have you notice that God is using younger people than the older people now? What one generation won’t do, God will rise a generation that are willing to lose their lives for our savior Jesus Christ.

At the end God will bless you even more so you must keep your faith and do not give up!!!